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Putting the 'Special' back in Specialty

Silverskin Coffee is a NZ based, quality focused micro roaster.

We are constantly seeking out the best examples of specialty coffee and offer a diverse selection of origin, processing method and varietal.

We look to coffees that are aromatic, vibrant, juicy and showcase all of the amazing complexity, and clarity of flavour that specialty coffee can offer.

About us

Our founder and roaster, has roasted award winning coffee here in New Zealand as well as for the RASV - Australian International Coffee Award's.


Our process

At Silverskin coffee we first sample roast potential new coffee's, accessing quality before deciding on our offerings.

Our production batches are then roasted on a Loring Kestrel, which roasts predominantly by convection and allows well developed, transparent coffees that showcase their unique characteristics.

Our more exclusive coffees are roasted on our small 1kg Infrared roaster.