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Luis Anibal Calderon - Caturron



Origin: Colombia

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Varietal: Caturron 

Elevation: 1500-1600 MASL

Processing: Honey

Caturron varietal was first identified by Cofinet’s team 4 years ago at farm Villa Betulia owned by Luis Anibal Calderon. Luis Anibal noticed some trees inside his Caturra lot were producing bigger cherries and were not being affected by leaf rust, after noticing this he paid closer attention and realized the trees were actually slightly taller than Caturra and cherries ripe to be dark purple, at this stage of ripeness the taste of the mucilage is completely different to Caturra, it is much more sweet and complex.


Luis Anibal later decided to process a small amount of cherries of these trees separately, and gave the sample to Felipe (Cofinet’s co-founder). The sample was milled, roasted and cupped at Cofinet’s lab and the outcome was outstanding a very unique cup.

This a really interesting tasting coffee that you really need to try for yourself.

Cupped it tastes of stewed red fruits, molassses and citrus zest.



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