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Colombia Norbey Quimbayo


Roasted 28th June

Producer: Norbey Quimbayo

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Farm: La Esmeralda

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1800 Masl

Process: CM Washed

Because we enjoyed last months coffee so much, and some of you missed out we thought we'd roast another delicious Pink Bourbon coffee from Colombia.

This coffee comes from producer Norbey Quimbayo from his farm La Esmeralda.

Norbey’s farm is located in Acevedo, Huila, under an hour away from Pitalito where microlots from across Huila are collected for milling.

Huila has almost perfect conditions for high quality, fruit forward and complex coffees.

In 2010, Norbey stepped into Specialty Coffee and started to plant exotic varieties such as Geisha, Papayo, and Pink Bourbon, among others, in late 2019, his Pink Bourbon plantation started to produce the first cherries.

This coffee has been processed as a washed coffee, but with the addition of the Carbonic Maceration (CM) process, a term adopted from the wine industry.

The result of a carbonic maceration process is increased development of flavour profiles.

By using a controlled, carbon dioxide-rich environment to ferment the coffees, the producer can control which yeasts and bacteria are active during fermentation and for how long, and thus are able to intensify and further develop the flavours of the coffee without risking over-oxidization, which would ruin the coffees profile.

Expect clean fruited flavour notes of strawberry and passionfruit and a floral and complex coffee courtesy of the combination of the outstanding Pink Bourbon variety and meticulous processing.

Colombia Norbey Quimbayo

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